Love In Handcuffs

So recently I started writing to a guy in prison – incarcerated in Florida. The idea came about because I am so intrigued by the prison system in the US. I guess the first time I watched Shawshank Redemption, Death race and even lighter movies like The Longest

Love In Handcuffs

Yard, I began to think more and more about the prison system and the truth behind the men and women behind bars.

Expanding my knowledge I began watching documentaries on the American Prison System. Louis Theroux Behind Bars is a documentary I have probably watched around 5 times – each time learning something knew about someone or thinking more in depth into an inmates life within a 5 minute interview.

Anyway, I was browsing twitter with the #Corrlinks (a email system used by inmates to communicate with family or loved ones) and I saw someone speak about Love In Handcuffs. I was a bit shocked so  decided to look into it myself. Continue reading